Energy Intelligence

What is EI?

Sunseap has developed a proprietary algorithm that can disaggregate the energy data of Singapore's high-rise public housing from a single point of monitoring with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) into various common services such as lifts, lightings, booster pumps, transfer pumps, and others without the need to shut down the existing system.

Based on the collected real-time data, the solution analyses, advises, and alerts on top of the core monitoring functions which can value add in Measurement and Verification (M&V) for performance-based contracts.

Additionally, through data analytics, the solution can empower the user to create data-driven sustainability campaigns; increase energy efficiency, and optimize service and maintenance schedules which will result in improved resource allocation and equipment efficacy.

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Energy Intelligence Apparatus

Sunseap Clamps

Low-cost wireless energy monitoring (mobile) device
Sunseap's clamps are low-cost, easy to install, hand-held energy monitoring devices that leverage cloud technology to monitor energy usage and efficiency in Singapore. This gives clients visibility on energy consumption patterns, to identify any energy inefficient equipment and to make cost-effective decisions for upgrades. Consumption data is uploaded onto a dedicated cloud server which can be downloaded and viewed on devices such as laptops without the need for the user to be physically present at the operating premise. The collected data helps to substantiate the purchase decisions of equipment with high capex cost.

Application: Our Sunseap Clamps can be used to measure current flow for machinery in identifying equipment for upgrades to improve energy efficiency.

Benefits of Energy Intelligence


Cost Reduction in Hardware Cost

Traditional method easily require 8 - 10 loggers per building. With Sunseap EI enable a single point monitoring that reduces the logger requirement to 1 - 2 per block


Zero Disruption to Daily Operation

Through a non-intrusive load monitoring, Sunseap's EI helps bring disruption to zero and reducing downtime. This will also reduce the number of maintenance complaints.


Real-Time Disaggregation of Data

As data is collected through a wireless channel, there is no need for any physical data collection. Thus, reducing the manpower requirement. The electrical data collected is also instantly disaggregated to various sub load for monitoring and alerts.

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