Ensuring Performance

Sunseap’s 24/7 real-time monitoring helps to ensure our solar systems operate at optimal level. Our responsive monitoring & maintenance team help to minimise system downtime by resolving issues onsite as they happen. 

In addition, we maintain the solar panels by replacing any spoilt parts during the agreement period at no cost to you. Regular onsite inspections on systems as well as a stringent quality control on the various parts of the solar system also help to lower the occurrence of any functional issues.

Technological Partnerships

Sunseap developed a proprietary and secure web-based application with a subsidiary of Singapore Power for solar system monitoring and billing. The system also complies with the various regulatory system reporting requirements from Singapore Power Grid (SPG) and Energy Market Authority (EMA) in Singapore.

More recently, Sunseap also devised a yield comparison algorithm with SPRING Singapore for automated alerting. The comprehensive data view allows us to receive alerts as they happen.  This allows us to conduct remote monitoring processes and retrieve real-time data at any time of the day.