Save with Solar PPA

Make the strategic choice and improve the positioning of your business by making a sustainable impact.  Switch to solar energy. With our Solar PPA, you need not worry about the technicalities of owning and operating the solar system, just pay for electricity that you consume!

Sunseap offers the following options to help you cut back on your energy bills:

Option A
A fixed tariff rate structure


Choose Fixed Tariff Rate if you want to eliminate fluctuations in your electricity tariff. Fluctuation factors include energy prices and revisions of electricity tariff in your electricity consumption. The fixed tariff rate remains unchanged for the entire term of your Solar PPA.

Option B
A floating tariff rate structure that is benchmarked against and discounted from published rates


Choose our Discount Off Tariff Rate for guaranteed savings. Regardless how the electricity tariff fluctuates due to the prevailing economic conditions, our Discount Off Tariff Plan will guarantee you savings with us our solar energy at lower than published rate price.

You start saving the moment from the get go!

Not sure which option suits you the best? Contact us! Our friendly business development executives are here to assist you!