What Is A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

We understand the dilemma business owners face when thinking of making the switch to solar energy. The long technical specifications that one has to go through can make the process intimidating and cumbersome. That’s why, we’ve employed the Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model here at Sunseap.

With our Solar PPA, you reap the benefits of solar energy, and at the same time enjoy lower than nation average energy tariff. Unlike traditional solar system purchase, there is ZERO upfront capital investment involved and Sunseap will take care of the installation and maintenance of the solar system and provide auxiliary monitoring services to ensure that your solar system performs at an optimal level.

Enjoy Immediate Savings!
Zero installation cost. Endeavour to better your current electricity tariff even if it’s < $0.10/kwh with our Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

The Solar PPA As A Result Of Process Innovation

Solar At A Service

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Solar PPA allows you to get clean electricity at an affordable price with flexibility and efficiency.

Ease of Green Mark Certification

Achieve Green Mark certification from BCA without incurring capital costs, up to 20 point allocation for use of REN energy.

Be Ethical & Sustainable

Demonstrate to customers and competitors your sustainability.

Roof / Building Cooling

Solar panel shade structure not only blocks the harmful Solar Radiance from the roof’s surface, but absorbs it and converts it into usable energy, lowering usuage and utility costs demanded by Air-Conditioning loads (typically 30-50% building energy use).

Add Value To Your Building

A solar system is a value-added feature for your property.

Think Different & Ahead

Affirm your engagement and your volition to help your environment and achieve your corporate and social responsibilities.

Converging Towards National Standards

Singapore targets the mandatory greening of 80% building stock by 2030.

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