Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this really a zero cost solution for me?

A: Yes, Sunseap will cover all capital and operational costs of the solar system. 

Q: What is the length of a typical Solar PPA?

A: The typical solar PPA term that Sunseap offers is 20 years. However, we have some clients who opted for a longer term (eg. 25 years) to enjoy a better commercial offering.

Q: What if my remaining lease term is less than the minimum Solar PPA term of 20 years?

A: Sunseap’s Solar PPA include clauses to address such scenarios to avoid imposing termination fees on our clients. Termination fees are only imposed upon willful termination.

Q: What if someone wants to take over my building?

A: Sunseap’s Solar PPA can be assigned to the new owner barring the right circumstances. 

Q: Do I own the system?

A: Sunseap retains ownership of the solar system under our Solar PPA. Upon expiry of the Solar PPA, the ownership of the system may be transferred over to you on mutually agreed terms.

Q: Why enter into a Solar PPA with Sunseap when I can afford a solar system?

A: Sunseap’s PPA removes all the heavy liabilities and costs so that you can enjoy green energy without any concern over capital or operational costs. By signing up with us, you will be able to achieve savings from Day 1. You will not need to worry about hefty upfront costs of solar system, installation, maintenance and monitoring of the solar system, etc. These costs lead to a longer payback term. 

Q: How do I know that the solar system will work for me?

A: Sunseap uses only top tier equipment and panels to achieve high-performance across our solar system. On top of that, Sunseap offers an energy output guarantee for every year of the Solar PPA. Therefore, with a clause like this, it is in our best interest to keep the system working at an optimal level to ensure maximum savings for you.

Q: How do I enjoy savings with Sunseap's Solar PPA?

A: The cost of generating solar is now lower than that used to gernerate conventional energy, making it possible for solar energy to be supplied to you at a lower rate. 

Q: What if my business only operates 5 days a week?

A: You pay for what you use. Sunseap only bills its clients for the solar energy consumed and not the solar energy generated.


Take the scenario the solar system installed on your build generates 1,o00 units of energy on a daily basis and you consume 1000 units from Mondays to Fridays and only 400 units during the weekends. You will only be billed for the the total consumption which is 5800 units and not the total amount generated totaling 7,000 units.

Q: I am located near an airport. Do the solar panels reflect light?

A: Solar panels need to absorb sunlight to generate energy. Several solar installations have been implemented at airports around the world. Sunseap has installed several solar systems for aerospace companies located near the Singapore airport.

Q: Are there insurances included?

A: Yes, Sunseap’s solar systems are covered with Machine All-Risks insurance, which covers system operations. In addition, Public Liability and Workman Injury Compensation insurance are also in place during the installation.