Referral Promotion Terms and Conditions

Version: April 2019

  1. This Referral Terms and Conditions of Sunseap Energy Pte Ltd (“Sunseap”) are to be read in conjunction with Sunseap’s Residential General Terms and Conditions, and other applicable Promotion Terms and Conditions (“All Terms and Conditions”)
  2. Sunseap’s Referral Programme is an offer to only residential customers.
  3. The Referrer refers to an existing customer who shall receive a unique Referral Code upon successful sign up for each new electricity account with Sunseap.
  4. The Referee refers to a new customer who has not yet signed up for Sunseap’s energy plan, and who applies a Referral Code at the point of signing up with Sunseap for a new electricity account.
  5. Sunseap does not limit the use of the assigned Referral Code, which may be applied more than once. Notwithstanding this, at any time, only one Referral Code shall be applied by a Referee, for each new electricity account sign up with Sunseap.
  6. The applicable referral benefits as detailed in the above Referral Programme will be applied to the electricity bill(s) in the form of a bill rebate for both the Referrer and Referee. The referral benefits awarded to the Referrer and Referee shall not be transferrable.
  7. The Referrer will receive the bill rebate after the Referee has received the first electricity bill. The Referee will receive the Bill Rebate in the first electricity bill.
  8. The referral benefits and the value of bill rebate will be forfeited automatically, subjected but not limited to the following:
    1. if the Service Agreement has been terminated;
    2. any request(s) to transfer the electricity account from SP Group or another retailer to Sunseap (“Transfer Request”) has been cancelled prior to the application of such value;
    3. any request(s) to cancel the Transfer Request before the service activation date; and
    4. any request(s) for the electricity account to be transferred out from Sunseap within 30 calendar days upon activation of the service; and
    5. both the Referrer and Referee shall no longer be entitled to any bill rebate that had been awarded to the applicable electricity account(s).

  9. Bill rebates shall be combined and applied together in a single month’s bill. For example, if you have 4 successful referrals who have received their first month’s bills, we shall use all 4 of the $20 Bill Rebates in your next applicable electricity bill.
  10. Bill rebates will be used to offset your next electricity bill(s). If the value of your total bill rebate is more than the amount of your electricity bill, any remaining value will be brought forward as in a form of credit to offset your next electricity bill. On the other hand, should your Service Agreement be terminated, expired and/ or any Transfer Request(s) as per Clause 8 of this Terms and Conditions, any remaining unutilised value of bill rebates and/ or unutilised credit(s) shall expire and be forfeited with immediate effect as of effective date of termination and/ or Transfer Request(s). Any unutilised bill rebate and/ or credit(s) cannot be exchanged for cash or any forms of payment in kind.
  11. Sunseap reserves the rights to end the Referral Programme without prior notice at any time and without liability at its absolute discretion.
  12. Sunseap reserves the rights to modify, amend or remove any of the Referral Programme’s Terms and Conditions from time to time at its absolute discretion.
  13. Without any prejudices, at its absolute discretion, at any time and in any situation that Sunseap deems fit, Sunseap reserves the right to review and investigate any suspicious activities arising from and/or are related to this Referral Programme. Any behaviour found to be fraudulent, illegal, violates any of the Referral Programme’s terms and conditions or to be acting in bad faith, Sunseap reserves the right to withdraw or rescind the benefits. Sunseap’s decision made after such review and investigation shall be final.