Introducing Special Projects

Sunseap’s Special Projects Team embark on innovative and unconventional solar projects to explore new ways to harness the power of the Sun. Current pipeline include exploring solutions via Energy Storage Systems, Quantum Boosters, Next-Gen Mounting Systems and various more. Recent developments are highlighted in the section below.


Offgrid PV system

System Size: 15 kilowatt-peak (kWp)
Location: Tanglin Academy
Notable Points: First solar powered tennis academy in Singapore

Project Highlights:
Sunseap devised an innovative system that integrates solar power with diesel generator grids – without the need of batteries. The solution consists of a smart controller, a solar plant and a sophisticated monitoring system.

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Floating PV Systems

System Size: 200 kilowatt-peak (kWp)
Location: Tengah Reservoir
Notable Points: First floating PV project in Singapore

Project Highlights:
Floating PV systems addresses the challenge of limited land space in Singapore to a certain degree, by utilising and maximising unutilised surface area to maximise the deployment of solar systems.

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Location: Various spots in Sentosa
Notable Points: Wifi powered by Sunseap’s integrated panels

Project Highlights:
Green-fi is a more responsible way of using wireless connections. No digging work or cable is required, allowing for faster deployment and migration of wireless hotspots. Combined with a battery, solar energy generated in the day can be used to power the infrastructure during the night.

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