Solar power plants generate a source of clean, and renewable electricity that addresses concerns over carbon emission at a fixed rate. Compared to standalone commercial solar systems, utility scale grid connected PV systems achieves this on a much larger scale.

With a project portfolio exceeding 1 GigaWatt-peak (GWp)in the rooftop, ground-mounted and floating variety, as well as a team of highly trained and skilled project management professionals, we are able to deliver a seamless and hassle-free solution.

A grid-connected photovoltaic power system, or grid-connected PV power system is a set or series of solar PV system that is connected to the utility grid.It is typically made up of solar panels that generate renewable electricity and inverters that converts the generated DC electricity into AC electricity for consumption. Sunseap specialises in large scale rooftop grid connected PV systems.

With more than 1 GigaWatt-peak of solar project contracted in Singapore and around the South East Asia and Pacific regions, a network of industry partners, and our value-based approach we are able to tailor an energy storage solution for your commercial requirements.

Distributed Energy Storage System in Singapore

An alternative to rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems, floating PV systems allows solar PV panels to be deployed on water bodies to maximise deployment. Some common areas where floating PV systems can be found include reservoirs, lakes, and canals. We’ve highlighted some benefits below: