What is Sunseap's Roof Rental Scheme?

Sunseap's Roof Rental Scheme allow businesses to monetize unused rooftop space by leasing their rooftop to Sunseap to build more solar systems.

Under the Roof Rental Scheme, Sunseap pays businesses a monthly rental fee in exchange for the rooftop space to contribute to Sunseap's core business of generating and providing renewable energy solutions for commercials and the general public.

The scheme also allows businesses to have the option of purchasing the solar energy generated to contribute towards environmental goals!


Generate Passive Income

Enables commercial building owners to lease out unused rooftop space to generate recurring income.

Opt For Clean Energy

Option to utilise the solar energy generated atop your roofs.

Lower the Temperature of the Building

Solar systems can absorb heat and radiation from the Sun, cooling the surface below it and in effect, decrease the intensity of air-conditioning required to cool the area.