What is Energy Efficiency Solution?

Energy efficiency refers to more effective consumption of energy, by using less energy to perform the same task. At Sunseap, energy efficiency solution is achieved via our Energy Performance Contracting service. Sunseap's EPC service helps businesses to reduce their energy bill by offering a zero CAPEX solution by upgrading their electrical equipment in their building such as lightings and Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) systems. Retrofits will be fully financed by Sunseap. This includes, but is not limited to, energy audit, re-engineering design, procurement, installation, commissioning and subsequent service and maintenance.

For instance, ACMV systems usually form the highest single energy load for the total energy consumption for most buildings, typically accounting for 45% to 55% of the buildings’ total energy consumption. Next, a building can also offset 50% of their total lighting energy consumption just by switching to energy efficient lightings such as LED lightings.


Energy Audit

Our Energy Performance Contracts start off with a energy audit process to determine the current operational expenses to measure the potential savings.

Instant Savings

EPCs often range upwards of $1 million for bigger companies. EPCs are a quick and easy way to reduce significant operational cost.

Guaranteed Savings

Sunseap's integrated EPC service coupled with our low capital costs ensures that our client will enjoy energy and operational savings.

How does it work?

1. Preliminary Survey

Understanding the existing lighting system and operational schedule.

2. Analysis & Proposal

Calculating energy consumption and specification of new LED lighting. Crafting our proposal based on your requirements.

3. Installation & Commissioning

Fully financed; No up-front costs required. Project management and commissioning included.

4. Immediate Savings

Co-sharing of monthly cost savings.

5. Follow Up

Warranty provided during contract period. Operating risks fully covered.