For the Taiwan market, Sunseap Taiwan Solar Holdings Ltd is a holding company under Sunseap Group and currently holds two joint-venture (JV) companies namely, Pacific Sunseap Energy Limited which focuses on distributed photovoltaic projects and Sunseap Solutions Taiwan Limited which focuses on Energy Efficiency and Green Roof solutions.

Pacific Sunseap Energy Limited is a JV company between Sunseap and Pacific Green Energy Co. Ltd. which provides the following services: Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services. Pacific Sunseap has provided EPC services for one of Taiwan's largest AC cable manufacturer to install a 2 MWp solar system on the rooftops of its new Taoyuan factory. A 3.3 MWp canal-based solar system in Pingtung was also completed, with several other projects in the pipeline, especially in the manufacturing and agriculture sectors.

Sunseap Solutions Taiwan Ltd is a JV company between Sunseap Solutions and Taiwan Secom which provides the following services: Energy Efficiency solutions such as Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD) consultancy, Zero Capex equipment upgrades for Lighting, Air-conditioning Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV), and the distribution of OPTIGRUEN Green Roof Systems.

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Saving Energy and Reducing Carbon Emissions for a New Green Era


Green Rooftop Material Sales and Engineering / Energy Audit and Evaluation Consultant / Energy-Efficiency Guarantee Contract
Sunseap Solutions Taiwan Ltd. is a joint venture between Taiwan SECOM Group and Sunseap Group set up to promote Taiwan's green energy technology industry and complete SECOM's business position. The new company will focus on markets related to energy efficiency and green rooftops, with technical and business support to be provided by both parties. This business model, should deliver sustainable development in a future where Taiwan experiences power shortages and rising electricity tariffs.


Alliance of the Strong to Build an Energy-Saving Kingdom
Sunseap Group is a world-renowned enterprise that specializes in renewable energy, energy efficiency and green roof systems. It has worked extensively with government departments and private enterprises around the world in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Taiwan SECOM Group has long experience in the smart city market and is continuing to add more government agencies, financial institutions. private enterprises, residential buildings and commercial/office buildings to its service portfolio every year. The Sunseap joint venture arose out of continued sharing of market experience between the two parties on green energy and other projects in recent years. SECOM will take care of market development while Sunseap will handle the technology and business support. Taiwanese engineers will also be recruited for a complete transfer of technology.

Improving Energy Efficiency through Green Rooftops
The main services provided by Sunseap Taiwan are energy efficiency planning and rooftop greening. Energy efficiency planning will be a prerequisite for all buildings in the future. An increase in energy consumption and malfunctions in old building: in particular can lead to ballooning costs for the owner, making replacement, upgrade and energy efficiency planning all the more critical. Energy efficiency guarantee contracts will help the owner reduce cost outlays; green rooftops can improve roof's waterproofing and reduce the temperature. The many benefit include lower air-conditioning demand and less chance of flooding from heavy rain. The Bureau of Energy of Ministry of Economic Affairs has continued to promote energy efficiency, carbon reduction and green building regulations over the past few years. This, coupled with shortfalls in the electricity supply and rising electricity tariffs, all point to strong future growth in the energy efficiency market.

Pacific Sunseap Energy Limited
Our Services

Roof/Land Leasing
Sunseap's Roof/Land Rental Scheme allows commercial building and land owners to monetise on unused space to generate recurring income for our solar installations.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Solar PPAs are long term power purchase agreements. We will help to design, fund, construct, own, operate and maintain the solar PV power plant in your facility.

Engineering (EPC, O&M)
With a strong track record in EPC, Sunseap is able to leverage expertise to complete the construction of solar PV assets safely and quickly while incorporating real-time monitoring to our solutions to help ensure our solar systems operate at optimal levels.

Sunseap Solutions Taiwan Limited
Our Services

Engineering (Green Roof Solutions)
OPTIGRUEN's Green Roof solutions are very adaptable and are built using state-of-the-art engineering technology. They are soil-less, ultra-lightweight and most importantly, sustainable. OPTIGRUEN's solutions will be able prolong your roof life by reducing the amount of heat your roof is exposed to and at the same time beautify it.

Energy Efficiency (EE)
Sunseap's Energy Efficiency solutions focuses on equipment upgrades with maintenance primarily for lighting uprades to LED and Air-Conditioning and Mechanical system(ACMV) upgrades, with capex costs borne by Sunseap and savings shared with the Client. Sunseap's Environmental Sustainability Design Consultancy gives clients insights in having better understanding of the energy consumption patterns in their environment and ways to improve energy efficiency so as to educe energy overheads.

Our Projects