Sunseap partners Taiwan SECOM Tech Group in clean energy services in Taiwan

(From left: Frank Lin, Vice Chairman, Taiwan Secom Co. Ltd and Frank Phuan, CEO and Executive Director, Sunseap Group)

September 25, 2019

Sunseap Solutions Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore's leading clean energy provider Sunseap Group, has entered into a joint-venture with Taiwan Secom Co Ltd, one of Taiwan's largest security service providers, to expand its integrated energy efficiency solutions into Taiwan.

The joint-venture company, Sunseap Solutions Taiwan Ltd, will provide Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD) consultancy, Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), and distribution of Optigreen® Green Roof components in Taiwan.

The Energy Performance Contracting scheme focuses on the retrofitting of existing lighting and Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) systems to energy efficient systems so as to generate operational cost savings for its clients. The contract tenure ranges from five to eight years.

There is zero upfront capital expenditure required from the client as Sunseap Solutions Taiwan fully finances the retrofit. Resultant energy savings are co-shared with the client over the contract tenure, during which Sunseap Solutions Taiwan will provide the full warranty for the equipment. This strong value proposition allows clients to improve energy efficiency and generate operational cost savings. They will also get a brand-new set of equipment which are fully warrantied throughout the contract duration. This service allows clients to save approximately 25% off their energy bills.

Green roofs are essential to improving the life span of the building's waterproofing membrane and regulating thermal transfer by lowering the Roof Envelope Thermal Transfer (RETV) value. The RETV calculates how much heat is gained through thermal transmission through the roof slab. By lowering the RETV, heat gained through the roof slab is reduced, thus lowering the cooling requirements of the immediate floor below the roof. This indirectly leads to savings on air-conditioning energy consumption.

Mr Frank Phuan, Co-Founder and CEO of Sunseap, said: "We are excited to partner such a well-established company like Taiwan SECOM to introduce our energy efficient services to the Taiwanese market. By being able to tap into Taiwan SECOM's network of over 10,000 buildings, we look forward to helping the commercial sector in Taiwan do their part in protecting the environment while saving on their electricity bills and becoming more sustainable in their businesses."

(Solar Green Roof System)

The joint-venture's first three projects are underway. The first - a green roof on Taiwan Secom Tiding Boulevard building – is slated for completion by late October 2019. The other two projects are Energy Performance Contracts for lighting and ACMV at LeeBao Neihu building and LeeBao Taichung building.

Taiwan Secom indicates "Sunseap is a leading clean energy provider in the region. We are pleased to be working with them to help Taiwan become greener. Our services bring forth a strong value proposition to the Taiwanese market where it is made up of predominantly older buildings. Our services allow clients to have a brand-new set of equipment, improved energy efficiency, lowered operational costs, without worrying about equipment maintenance."

Sunseap is one of the largest and most established players in the solar energy industry in the region. It has a pipeline of projects in Cambodia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia.

About Sunseap Group
Sunseap Group is the leading solar energy system developer, owner and operator in Singapore. It operates through five key units: Sunseap Leasing, Sunseap International and Sunseap Energy, Sunseap Engineering and Sunseap Solutions. Sunseap Leasing is the first and largest solar leasing company in Singapore. Sunseap International targets markets in the South East Asian and Pacific regions. These include a 168 MWp solar farm in Vietnam, a 140 MegaWatt-peak (MWp) solar farm in India, and a 10 MWp solar farm in Cambodia. Sunseap Energy provides clean energy solutions utilizing off-site arrangements by drawing on solar systems within the Group's portfolio of distributed generation assets. A notable client of Sunseap Energy is Apple, which signed an agreement with Sunseap to procure 100% of its local energy requirements from renewable sources. Sunseap Engineering provides engineering, procurement and construction as well as operation and maintenance services for PV projects. Sunseap Solutions focuses on energy efficiency solutions by providing services such as energy audits, lighting retrofitting and green roof systems.

TAIWAN SECOM, the leading corporation of security services industry in Taiwan, established over 40 years. In early stage, the corporation mainly provided system security solutions for businesses and homes. With growing market demand and technology development, its businesses have been extended to cover staff attendance management, and offer solutions including Smart Green Building, Disaster Prevention and Management, Smart Retail Store Operations, Home Healthcare, Smart Security Management for Large-Scale Field. TAIWAN SECOM still insists on "Safety and Reliability" as the core value of its service. Move further, in combining the professional standing of its brands in different areas, TAIWAN SECOM commit our resources to the smart city development so as to allow people having a better living environments.

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中保科技携手星国能源集团,副董事长林建涵(左)与 Sunseap 集团首席执行官兼执行董事 Frank Phuan (右), 业者提供


中兴保全科技集团 (9917) 宣布,将与新加坡“星生能源集团” (SUNSEAP GROUP) 共同,引入国外洁净能源技术。中保科技副董林建涵表示,星生能源集团是新加坡」的主要供应商,能提供客户更有效率的节能服务。   中保科表示,该集团是新加坡知名的太阳能系统开发商,业主和运营商。主要运作单位为星生能源租赁,星生能源国际,星生能源,星生工程,和星生解决方案,其中星生能源租赁 (Sunseap Leasing) 是新加坡第一家,也是最大的太阳能租赁公司。

星生能源集团锁定东南亚和太平洋地区市场,包括在越南投资168兆瓦太阳能发电场和柬埔寨的10兆瓦太阳能发电场。Sunseap 提供的服务内容包括太阳能光伏(PV)装置和场外干净能源供应。




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