What are Rooftop Solar Systems?

A rooftop solar system utilizes unused rooftop space for the deployment of solar systems. In land-scarce regions such as Singapore, rooftop solar systems provide an avenue for businesses to utilize solar energy by generating solar energy from the rooftops of their buildings.

Installing a rooftop solar system with trusted solar installer Sunseap will not only help businesses to achieve their long-term energy goals, but also fulfil their corporate social responsibility goals by raising the sustainability bar for commercial building owners. Commercial building owners will also be able to get one step closer to attaining Green Mark (GM) Certification.

Our notable rooftop solar system projects include Jurong Health Services Pte Ltd, where Sunseap was the first to embark on solar energy initiatives in the local healthcare sector. Commercial building owners can look forward to reaping several benefits, such as reducing electricity bills, earning the Green Mark (GM) Certification, roof/building cooling, and demonstrating ethical and sustainable core values.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Systems | Solar PPA Rooftop Solar Systems

The rooftop solar system can bring your business a long way in the field of sustainability. Additionally, you can consider Sunseap's OPTIGRUEN Green Roof Systems to upscale the landscaping of your rooftop.

What sort of benefits come with these Solar PPA Rooftop Solar Systems?

Reduce your electricity bill:

Our Solar PPA system allows you to save on your electricity bill with clean solar energy consumed on-site.

Green Mark (GM) Certification:

Achieve GM Certification with our Solar PPA Rooftop Solar Systems without incurring extra costs in Singapore.

Roof/Building Cooling:

The Solar Panels installed to your Solar PPA Rooftop Solar Systems in Singapore will also help reduce the building's temp and further reduce your air-con costs.

Add Value to Your Building:

A solar PV system adds value to your building.

Ethical & Sustainable:

Demonstrate to your customers and partners that you care about the environment by going solar with our Solar PPA Rooftop Solar Systems.

Our Projects

Adopt Our OPTIGRUEN Green Roof with a Solar System For Improved Sustainability

Having won several prestigious awards, including the Asia's Green Future Leaders Awards in 2019 and Singapore's Environmental Achievement Awards in 2017, Sunseap is leading in the sustainability practice and industry in Singapore. We are pleased to be paving the path forward for high Green Mark standards and sustainable practices.

Join our fight to improve sustainability goals with beautifully landscaped green roof solar systems for buildings in Singapore. Have a question for us? Send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Find more information and resources on sustainability and green practices on our online blog.

For more information on OPTIGRUEN Green Roof Solar Systems, head over to www.sunseap.com/SG/commercial/engineering/engine_optigruen.html.