Solar Panel Installation in Singapore  

A solar panel installation does more than drastically reduce your electricity consumption and bills here in Singapore. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, solar panel installations are great for a number of reasons:

1. Reduce your electricity bills

2. Increases your property value as more people begin to appreciate the benefits of solar panel installations in Singapore.

3. Improves environmental standards by fighting climate change effects one at a time.

4. Helps your business stay competitive as the corporate image and resale value of a commercial building or company increases substantially when accompanied by a solar panel installation.

Out of all solar providers, Sunseap Group is the leading company in offering affordable and quality renewable energy solutions, including solar panel installations in Singapore. Offering some of the latest and newest technologies from top solar panel manufacturers, this makes Sunseap Group your go-to choice for clean energy solutions. With an impressive track record of pipeline and completed projects close to 2 GigaWatt-peak (GWp) of solar projects in Singapore and around the South East Asia and Pacific region, Sunseap Group champions the growth and development of solar energy adoption in the region.

Solar Installations From Top Solar Panel Manufacturers For Commercial Owners | Benefits

Sunseap will manage the solar installation and maintenance costs during the contract period for commercial owners, ensuring that the panels are operating at optimal levels throughout. Solar installations can benefit commercial owners in a myriad of ways - supporting the development of a low-carbon economy, reducing electricity bills and creating renewable sources of energy from rooftops.

A single solar panel installation on commercial properties can spearhead Singapore's fight against climate change and improve overall effects on the environment. Commercial property owners can consider any of the initiatives under the Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) - a rooftop solar system, utility scale solar farm or floating PV.

Go Solar With Sunseap Installations For Commercial

As a leader in the sustainability practice in Singapore, Sunseap looks to setting new standards for improved green practices in both residential and commercial areas. Having been awarded several prestigious awards such as the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (2019) and Singapore APEX Corporate Sustainability Award (2016) among others, Sunseap Group is your go-to choice for solar panel installations and quality service in Singapore.

We hope to inspire a future where every individual plays a role in the collective effort to actualise a low-carbon environment. Find more information on our blog.

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