Cost Of Solar Panels | Singapore

As the effects of climate change loom over us, many of us are probably considering the different ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Using energy resourcefully at home, recycling and taking public transport are some of the easy measures we can take to be environmentally friendly.

Solar panels are an effective way to reduce electricity consumption and improve energy efficiency. They also reduce the negative impacts of carbon emissions on the environment. Solar panels also contribute to Singapore's greater long-term goals of higher energy efficiency.

Sunseap Group's Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows commercial building owners to utilise the benefits of solar energy without having to pay for an upfront investment cost.

Will the cost of solar panels through our PPA scheme be lower than the usual electricity tariff bills? Yes. You can potentially look to enjoying competitively priced tariff rates for approximately 20 years, all while contributing to a more sustainable environment.

What is the cost of installing solar panels in Singapore?

Under our PPA scheme, Sunseap Group will help commercial building owners to design and install the solar panels with zero upfront costs and ensure optimal operating conditions throughout the duration of the contract. Likewise, commercial building owners can trust that the cost of installing these solar panels will not come with any inflation rise over the term in Singapore.

Before looking at the cost of solar panels in Singapore, it might be wise for commercial building owners to consider the type that fits their requirements best. They can opt for rooftop solar systems, utility-scale solar farms or floating PV - depending on what works best for their building's energy needs.

Go Solar With Sunseap Group

When you make the switch to clean renewable energy, you actively make a difference in lowering the environmental impact you have on the planet. By keeping the costs of our solar panels - both installation and management - in Singapore low, Sunseap Group hopes to inspire a generation of energy-efficient users, both residential and commercial tomorrow.

If you are interested in switching to solar energy, look out for our other electricity promotions and roadshows in Singapore to get firsthand updates on any exciting new developments.

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