What is an Energy Efficiency Solution and how does the Energy Performance Contract help?

Energy efficiency solutions refer to the effective consumption of energy - using lesser energy to perform the same tasks. Via our demand-side management solutions, Sunseap can help you achieve green mark certification which recognizes businesses that make conscientious efforts in reducing their carbon footprint. Being Green Mark certified can also boost your corporate image as a socially responsible company. At Sunseap, we help clients become more energy efficient via our Energy Performance Contracts. These contracts help businesses reduce their upfront cash outlay and monthly energy bills via a zero CAPEX financing model. This is done through financing retrofits and upgrading equipment such as Lightings and Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) systems at zero upfront cost to clients. The process typically starts with an energy audit, followed by re-engineering design, procurement, installation, commissioning, and even service and maintenance! You will be able to focus on your day-to-day operations while enjoying lower energy costs hassle-free by managing the demand-side of energy consumption with Sunseap.

For instance, ACMV systems usually form the highest single energy load for the total energy consumption for most buildings, typically accounting for 45% to 55% of the buildings' total energy consumption. A building can also become more energy efficient, reducing up to 50% of their total lighting energy consumption just by replacing energy inefficient lamps to LED lightings.

Benefits Of Our Energy Efficiency Solutions

Energy Audit

Sunseap's Energy Performance Contracts helps businesses in Singapore by starting off with an energy audit, which determines the current energy consumption levels of existing operations and its associated costs, in comparison with the potential savings that can be achieved after retrofitting upgrades.

Instant Savings

Energy Performance Contracts can help bigger companies save as much as $1 million or even more, depending on the scale of operations. These are quick and easy ways to reduce significant operational costs in a short amount of time.

Guaranteed Savings

We offer highly energy efficient equipment that is designed to consume energy at a fraction of conventional equipment. For the same amount of usage, you will consume lower energy, which will be translated to guaranteed savings. Furthermore, you do not have to fork a single cent upfront for it, under an Energy Performance Contract.

How does our Energy Performance Contract (Lightings) work?

1. Preliminary Survey

Understanding the existing lighting system and operational schedule.

2. Analysis & Proposal

Calculating energy consumption and specification of new LED lighting through an energy audit. Crafting our proposal based on your requirements for higher energy efficiency in Singapore.

3. Installation & Commissioning

Fully financed with no up-front costs required. Project management and commissioning included in the energy performance contract.

4. Immediate Savings

Co-sharing of monthly cost savings.

5. Follow Up

Warranty provided during contract period. Operating risks fully covered.

Our Energy Efficiency Product Solutions

Our Various Energy Efficiency Projects in Singapore

Maximise Energy Efficiency in Singapore

With the open market in Singapore, electricity costs vary quite a bit when put against each other in comparison. Using our energy efficiency solutions can help your business to maximise consumption while reducing operational costs. Work with us using our Energy Performance Contract and see these benefits show in your energy bills.

The Sunseap Group has won several awards, including the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards in 2017, for upholding high standards in energy efficiency and championing clean, renewable energy in Singapore.

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