Energy Audit and Green Mark Certification

An Energy Audit allows stakeholders to understand existing environmental conditions surrounding their building and make informed decisions on how and where energy can be saved and efficiently utilised.

  Energy Audit Process  

Document Review

Detailed review of client's utility bills to understand energy consumption and usage patterns.

Site Observation

Interview with Key Facility Personnel and General Observation of Operations.

Identify & Analyse

Identify, Analyse and Propose areas of improvement so as to achieve greater resource efficiency and return on investment.

BCA Green Mark at a glance

Certification system for buildings, offices, infrastructure etc.
• Determine how green or environmentally-friendly a building is
• Uses a point system to score based on energy efficiency, water efficiency, other green features etc

Different categories and tiers of certification
• Non-residential Building (NRB) and Existing Non-residential Building (ENRB), etc
• Certified, Gold, GoldPlus and Platinum

Meaningful differentiation of buildings with this benchmarking scheme which incorporates internationally recognized best practices in building design and performance
• Facilitate reduction in energy, water and material resource usage
• Reduce environmental impact

Understanding the state of the building

• Providing stakeholders the knowledge to make an informed decision
• Allowing for service providers to tailor customized energy efficient solutions


• ALL new buildings must be GM certified; buildings within gazette areas to be GM Platinum
• 80% of existing buildings to be GM certified by 2030


• For new buildings that have attained GoldPlus or Platinum: additional 1-2% GFA^
• For existing buildings, BCA will co-fund 50% of the cost of audit*

BCA Green Mark Scheme
"The BCA Green Mark Scheme was launched in January 2005 as an initiative to drive Singapore's construction industry towards more environmentally-friendly buildings. It is intended to promote sustainability in the built environment and raise environmental awareness among developers, designers and builders…"

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  Benefits of Energy Audit & Green Mark  

Improved Building Performance

Comfortable and healthy environment for occupants.

Lower Operating Cost

Save on lower energy cost.

Enhance Building Value

Differentiated features increases building attractiveness.

Legislation Compliance

Achieve minimum Green Mark standard as mandated by the government.