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Recent News

Sunseap expands in Taiwan with five new projects in 2021

Sunseap signs MOU with BP Batam to build world's largest floating solar farm and energy storage system

Sunseap partners China's Statecloud Energy in RMB300 million solar fund in Shandong province

Three schools in North-East region of Singapore to tap electricity generated from rooftop solar systems installed by Sunseap

Sunseap redesigns career path of solar technologists to attract Singaporeans

Sunseap to install green energy systems for StorHub self storage facilities

Sunseap to expand in Japan with new investors in latest Series E funding

Sunseap and Facebook sign multi-year agreement for solar energy from Singapore's largest offshore floating project

Sunseap completes one of world's largest offshore floating solar farms in Johor Straits

Sunseap secures equity investment from Dubai's Dutco Group in Series E funding

Sunseap signs long-term agreement with Amazon for clean solar energy to be tapped from JTC's solar farms

Tenaga Nasional to invest in five Vietnam solar projects by Sunseap

Sunseap and Tenaga Nasional to form partnership for import of clean energy from Malaysia to Singapore

Sunseap signs 20-year agreements to supply clean energy to Vietnam Electricity's national grid


Renewable & Solar Energy Solutions Provider | Singapore

A fossil-fuel driven infrastructure drives the negative impact of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane) and the toxic build-up in the air, water and soil. Over the years, an accumulation of these emissions have led the world to the pressing issue of climate change. Rising temperatures, sea-levels and disrupted water systems are all evidence of these lasting effects.

Choosing renewable energy can have positive effects on the environment. Renewable energy is energy derived from natural resources such as sun and wind - they have the capacity to replenish themselves. Coal, oil and natural gas are not examples of renewable energy sources. One example is solar energy. It causes little, if no, environmental damage.

With regional operations in South East Asia Pacific, Sunseap Group is one of the largest renewable and solar energy companies in Singapore. Currently, Sunseap has a portfolio of pipeline and completed projects close to 2 GigaWatt-peak (GWp) of solar projects in Singapore and around the South East Asia and Pacific region.

Solar Energy in Singapore

We are one of the few solar companies in Singapore who have the privilege of being backed by a wide range of institutional equity and financial investors as well as venture capitalists like Goldman Sachs and DBS. With the resources and support, we are proud to offer clean solar energy solutions in Singapore. Our solar photovoltaic (PV) installations, clean energy solutions and project financing will aid and value-add your business’s energy needs in Singapore.

In Singapore, we offer clean solar energy solutions for both residential and commercial needs. For residential needs, our solar energy price plans allow you to have the option of guaranteed savings off your SP tariffs monthly or enjoy a fixed low rate. Commercial solar energy solutions in Singapore by Sunseap comprises Zero-Cost Installation (Solar PPA), Green Roofs Solution and Commercial Energy Retail Plans.

Go Solar With Sunseap Group Singapore

Dedicated to our vision and mission of providing affordable clean and solar energy for everyone, Sunseap Group aims to spearhead the sustainable development and production of these renewable energy sources in Singapore.

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