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Why should I Switch to a Green Energy plan?

All our energy plans come with a clean energy component that is generated from Sunseap’s portfolio of solar systems in Singapore.

Clean/green energy provides you with an avenue to do your part for the environment. You can reduce your carbon footprint and slow down the effects of global warming. Clean/green energy from Sunseap is competitively priced and is offered via electricity packages with different levels of clean energy to allow you to make a positive contribution to the environment.

How Do I switch to a Green Energy plan?

If you are residing in Jurong with postal codes beginning with 60, 61, 62, 63, and 64, you will be able to switch to our Green Energy Plans from April onwards. All other residents will be able to switch when the Open Electricity Market fully launches in the second half of 2018*.

*Based on EMA Open Electricity Market launch information

Will my electricity supply be stable with Sunseap?

Yes, you will still continue to enjoy the same quality and reliable electricity supply when you subscribe to our Green Energy Plans. SP Group continues to be responsible for the delivery of electricity supply and there is no change to the infrastructure through which your electricity is delivered to you

Will I still enjoy U-Save Voucher?

Yes, all eligible household can still enjoy U-Save rebates and will enjoy the same quantum of U-Save rebates as determined by Ministry of Finance.

U-Save rebates will be used to offset water, gas and refuse removal charges first. Any remaining amount will be used to offset electricity services with Sunseap.

If there is any excess voucher amount, it will be retained in your SP account to offset subsequent bills for non-electricity.

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